Total Merchant Services Review For Small Business

Total Merchant Services has been in the processing industry for over 20 years as one of the most developed firms. It is also one of the bigger firms in the industry, but the bigger is not always better. In reality, among the larger personalities in payment processing, we see many of the same practices, and it’s not healthy. Let’s see what we have as we do the Total Merchant Services review.

Quality management is still a challenge under this business model. It is incredibly difficult to verify the details of what your entrepreneurs are doing or saying.

While several of TMS’s services have already been sold to North American Bancard recently, we continue to see several of the same problems with these services. There are several customer complaints on other websites.

Total Merchant Services Review - Merchant Services

To begin with, Complete Merchant Services uses third parties in various aspects of the processing of payment cards.

It bundles such services through packages but instead sells them to traders via independent sales representatives. Learn more about Total Merchant Services in the following paragraphs.

Why Is It Important?

Total Merchant Services (TMS) provides a wide variety of payment card processing products and services for different organizations.

There are different organizations providing payment solutions and merchant services such as Capital One Merchant Services, SunTrust Merchant Services, Velocity Merchant Services, Merchant Auto services, and more.

Why Total Merchant Services review is important?  Below are some of the services that they provide;

  1. Merchant: Credit card transaction rates are not publicized. This is more intentional. It makes it easier for individual sales representatives to deal with you as a new account. It appears that flat rates are available from the agent’s website. However, it depends on many variables. For instance, the amount and the average transaction size, whether flat rates are right for you.
  2. Point of Sale: TMS provides several POS systems that you can “qualify” for free to get. Please notice that for this “free” hardware you must sign a binding rental contract.
  3. Mobile Processing: TMS provides a free 2-in-1 Bluetooth 2-in-1 credit card reader to a basic smartphone reader to swift, tap, or pay NFC (such as Apple Pay). Due to TMS’s mobile-delivery virtual terminal, you can also securely pay online, telephone, or key in payments whenever you need.

Besides these services, TMS is also good at providing terminals and card readers, marketing solutions, EMV compliance and security, and more.

You will need to pay a subscription to access some services. But there is a free trial to experience the services before making a decision to a subscription.

Total Merchant Services Shark Tank

Jason Reddish and Val Pinkhasov have described themselves as “Mini-sharks.” They once featured in Shark Tank Tales to discuss their business. They explain how they offer alternative funding options for small companies. Kevin receives his loan through credit card payments.

These loans are good for handling the company’s credit card processing. They finally get 74% of their customers who process businesses as a by-product of their loan activities.

Kevin says that his name would broaden their company geometrically. The video on the Total Merchant Capital website demonstrates how the industry is growing. After its debut on Shark Tank Tales, there was an increase of overall merchant resources by 500 percent.

Need Total Merchant Services Complaints

The Total Merchant Services customer service team has treated all the concerns and offers to fix these problems.

Sometimes, but not always, the customer support team simply repays the disputed money. They prefer to refund the markings in general but not the wholesale payments, so they can regulate the labeling.

Total Merchant Services Review - Complaints

Following are the complaints regarding total merchant services-

  • Undisclosed & unexpected fees: Particularly early termination fees: most complaints are related to a fee dispute. Typically, this is because the early cancellation charge may shock the dealer. Many failed to know that the contract was auto-renewal and early termination payments for several years, probably three years.
  • Unethical Agents: The root cause of many of the grievances is the actions of independent sales agents. Some consumers reported stories that they are being “just to see” when they can be accepted for their request details. Others discover that approving those stuff means they have signed multi-year contracts with early cancellation fees.

As such, the TMS agents lack transparency. And that drags the company name in the mud.

  • Return Equipment problems: This happens enough frequently even if the company addresses it. If you choose the “free” terminal contract, you will lease the equipment. And you will have to return terminals if you delete your account. There are obvious problems with the return policy. If the goods are lost during shipment, there are changes occurring after a returned device or priority mail that never seems to be arriving.

Some negative customer complaints are not credible. There are several merchants who were suddenly complaining of the fee payment which they did years earlier.

The merchants were alleging being fraudulently hired many years ago, for which they received payment processing services.

Joe Kaplan Total Merchant Services

It can cost a lot to work for a businessman like Joe Kaplan.  He is a valley man who is good at handling credit card transactions for Small Business.

Kaplan is today CEO of Total Merchant Services, Forest Hills, an organization with over 300 people. Most operate in a 12th-floor office in the Warner Center environment in which high-technology requirements also seem unstructured.

The workers should wear what they want; work in a way that best suits them, and doesn’t fear errors. Kaplan offices have a wellness center and a coffee shop.  These have good decorations meant to trigger the memories from the sports team and also hosted fun workouts.

Kaplan said the company conducted 12 billion dollars in transactions last year with salespeople in all 50 states. All of these add up to the collection of Complete Merchant Facilities for a winning place to work in a Los Angeles Daily News poll.

Total Merchant Services Customer Service

By phone, by email, and online documentation TMS assists customers. It also offers 24/7 support personnel for merchants. The phone number of TMS clients and contact details are easily accessible on their website.

Problems that are not resolved appear to be purposely enforcing the “presidential” unit.  The presidential unit has higher resolution authorities than customer service workers at a lower level.

They are doing a decent job of evaluating complaints before you enter the Presidential Unit. In the previous two years, the company has been resolving any of the BBB’s grievances in an impressive manner.

Total Merchant Services Review - Customer Service

They are polite and honest, paying merchants where they can. But they do not help themselves when the merchant requests reimbursement unreasonably. They review every complaint, transfer contracts, entered phone calls, and other correspondence.

Helpful Total Merchant Services Jobs

Total Merchant Services dates back to 1996 and has a proud history.  Total Merchant Services have been helping companies in various ways.

For instance, they help companies to develop and manage their businesses through marketing, business management processes focused on technology, and more. Over 300 workers are happy to serve the customers.

Following are the helpful services provided by merchant services jobs:

  • Workers enjoy a comfortable environment in which they work with pleasure from 45,000-square-foot headquarters.
  • Tickets for sporting activities are issued by lots almost every week, depending on the season, to add sports memorabilia.
  • They maintain an enjoyable working environment from thematic clothing days, birthday decorations, and designed to cater lunches to business games and enterprise parties.
  • If you want to blow off steam or get into a complete training session, the on-site health club has a full variety of equipment and also showers.

What Is The Total Merchant Services Merchant Advantage Program?

The TMS monitoring website is Payments Center – and much more. In order to provide even more savings and support from the outset, they register new dealers automatically with our Payment Hub Premium program. New traders get 60 days to try it FREE!

Total merchant services merchant advantage program includes:

  1. Product warranty: TMS ships a new one free of charge overnight if your processing equipment is faulty or malfunctioning.
  2. Automatic supply Shipments: Automatic monthly terminal shipments including paper rolls obtained are received gratuitously.
  3. Transaction reporting: Quick access to your transaction details is available online 24/7. To optimize your business, analyze patterns, administer disputes, and set alerts.
  4. Virtual terminal: Merchant customers can access online and non-present payment cards via a virtual terminal.


On the good hand, TMS provides several sound goods and services for small and even large companies. After the Total Merchant Services review, the addition of payroll hardware and software is genuinely a good thing.

Also, customer service appears to have improved considerably. They are also more involved in dealing with consumer issues, in particular on the BBB website.

If you plan to go to TMS, be vigilant about potential sales tricks. Do your homework, read the contract carefully and above all, get it all in writing.

Please tell us in the comments section provided if you have any experience in TMS, good or bad.

Remember, Total Merchant Services is in the business with other payment solutions providers. Some include Merchant Auto services, Retail merchant services

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