Insurance Lingo 101: Understanding Additional Insured

Additional Insured

The world of insurance can get pretty complicated. Besides the terminology, there are all kinds of exceptions and rules that can leave you in the dust. Still, it is something crucial, especially for business owners. Proper insurance assures that both your business and bankroll stay protected when life happens. It also shows that you will … Read more

Doing Business with Benetrends, Is It Worth a Shot?

benetrends reviews

Do you know of Doing Business with Benetrends? But, Simply, starting a business is hard. It takes hours of organizing and filling out paperwork. Apart from that, it takes money. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, and it has to come from somewhere. While some have the means to take out a loan, others don’t. … Read more

Depreciation Tax Shield Cash Flow And Tips For How Does It Use

Depreciation Tax Shield

A depreciation tax shield is a tax evaded causing by the deduction of depreciation in assets. We can analyze the taxable income with the assistance of multiplication of tax rate with reduction expense. The depreciation tax shield helps the company to maintain all the depreciation of the assets. Corporations using accelerated depreciation techniques can save … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Predictive Dialer And An Auto Dialer?

Predictive Dialer

Cold calling used to be the number one way to market and get in touch with potential clients. Sales agents would receive large lists of names and numbers, calling and hoping to make a connection. As you can probably imagine, this was not always the best way to strike up a conversation. They get hung … Read more

Where to Find the Cheapest Merchant Services for Small Business

Cheapest Merchant Services for Small Business

When running a business, money matters. Every business needs money to operate, most of which come from customer purchases. Today, there are lots of options for accepting payment. Cash is great but, it is becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, more people are turning to cards, as a safer and more convenient option. To … Read more

A Look Into Leverage And Interest Coverage Ratio

Interest Coverage Ratio

Every business has expenses. It is well-balanced businesses that turn revenue. Businesses have other obligations besides fixed costs like loans. Solvency tests a company’s ability to make a profit. It takes into account a company’s ability to pay off debts. Also, financial health takes revenue into account. A close second is the interest coverage ratio. … Read more

How To Calculate Money Factor: On Auto Monthly Lease Payment

Money Factor

The money factor, which is sometimes named “lease factor” or just “factor.” This decides how much you will pay in finance duties each month during your lease. The greater the money factor, the higher the monthly payment, and the more you’ll pay in entire finance duties. So, when spending on a lease, you’ll want to … Read more