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Web hosting is one of the interesting services that are used by different people with an online presence.  As such, web hosting services are in need of different people. For instance, web hosting for developers, small businesses, bloggers, affiliate marketing, and many others need web hosting services. As such, it also creates a lot of webs hosting jobs worldwide.

Many web hosting contracts, web hosting agreements, are being exchanged online daily. The following paragraphs give different web hosting service providers for different people.

Web Hosting For Developers - Web hosing Service

If you have a business that has a site, continue reading to get a web hosting service provider of your choice. In addition to that, web developers, bloggers, affiliate marketing sites, and more have a list of web hosting to choose from.

Cheap Web Hosting For Small Business

With almost every business being taken online, websites play a major role in being a one-stop for a business. Therefore, websites are being used for various purposes by different businesses.

As such, this has led to the booming business of web hosting. A website needs to be hosted in the cloud by efficient and trustworthy web hosting.

There are different web hosting, and they also come with different prices according to the services that they offer. But most of web hosting give similar services.

Most importantly, small businesses can also afford to have their websites being hosted in the cloud. For small businesses, cheaper web hosting is much more sustainable than an expensive web hosting service.

Note that the monthly prices for web hosting are quite cheaper. However, most web hosting gives yearly plans or at least more than 1 month.  And monthly fees are expensive compared.

Therefore, you might prefer to take the yearly subscription as it can be cheaper compared to the monthly subscription. And that means you might pay for your site’s web hosting for the whole year.

Below are some cheap web hosting for small businesses;


Hostinger is one of the web hosting service providers that have prices that can be affordable to small businesses. Additionally, web hosting offers different plans that you can choose from according to your budget.

Web Hosting For Developers - best Web hosing Services

Paying for any plan means that the services include hosting 1 website, 1 email account, website builder, and SSL (HTTPS:). Most importantly, on top of that, you will need to pay for the domain name separately.

For instance, the domain name costs $10.99 per year and the daily backups of the site are $11.40 per year. Then the CDN costs $11.40 per year. Below are the plans that you can choose from;

Monthly plan

Cost $9.99 and the setup fee of $4.99. The renewal fee is $3.25 a month.

1-year plan

Cost $2.99 per month. The renewal fee is $3.25 per month.

2-year plan

Cost $1.59 per month. The renewal fee is $2.85 per month.

4-year plan

Cost $0.99 per month. The renewal fee is $2.15 per month.


This is one of the web hosting firms that offers cheaper prices that are affordable by small businesses.

In addition, Hostgator also has various plans that small businesses can choose from. And the plans include services such as hosting 1 website, 1 email account, SSL (HTTPS), 1-year free domain, unmetered bandwidth and storage, one-click WordPress installs.

However, other services such as daily backups, SEO tools, domain privacy protection come with their own price tags. Below are the Hostgator plans that you can choose from;

Web Hosting For Developers - Plan for Web hosing Services

Monthly plan:

Cost $10.95 per month

1-year plan:

Cost $3.95 and the renewal fee is $8.95 per month.

2-year plan:

Cost $3.45 per month and the renewal fee is $7.95 per month.

3-year plan:

Cost $2.75 per month and the renewal fee is $6.95 per month


This is one of the best web hosting service providers that have affordable prices. Hence, small businesses can use Bluehost to host their website.

Interestingly the different plans on offer give the services such as 1 website hosting, 5 email accounts, one-click WordPress install, unmetered bandwidth, free domain for one year, and SSL (HTTPS).

But you will have to fork out more money for domain privacy, SEO tools, sitelock security, and more.

Below are the Bluehost prices for various web hosting plans;

1-year plan:

Cost $4.95 per month and the renewal fee is $7.99 per month.

2-year plan:

Cost $3.95 per month and the renewal fee is $7.99 per month.

3-year plan:

Cost $2.75 per month and the renewal fee is $7.99 per month.

Web Hosting For Business Websites

Businesses come in different sizes, and they also offer different services and products. As such, they may need to choose different web hosting services depending on that.

More so, some business requires a website that is more secure, good disk space, and other features. Therefore, such factors may influence the web hosting that they may choose. Below are some of the best web hosting for business sites;

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the trusted web hostings that can be used by big companies.

However, WP Engine web hosting is a bit expensive. Interestingly, they have various plans that you can choose from according to your website needs and budget. Below are some plans.

  1. Managed Hosting Startup – Costs $30 per month
  2. Managed hosting growth – Costs $115 per month
  3. Managed hosting scale – Costs $290 per month

Note that these prices may change at any given time and these are the cheaper plans. WP Engine also offers yearly plans. More so, they have premium plans that are more expensive.

What makes the prices differ is the features in different plans. For instance, the managed hosting growth plan can host 10 sites with 20 GB local storage and more features.

In addition to that, some other general features that are available to all the plans include 24/7 support, free automated migrations, advanced security, 35 premium themes, free SSL and SSH, and many other features.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and this means that it’s an Amazon service. Amazon Web Services is one of the trustworthy and secure web hosting services that are used by big businesses and government sites. Like others, AWS web hosting services come in different plans.

Google Cloud

Google also offers web hosting services that can be used by businesses. Interestingly, with Google Cloud Hosting services, the company pays according to the needs of the website.

For example, you calculate the price according to your websites’ storage needs, and other resources.

Besides these 3 web hosting service providers, there are many others that you can use. Some include AT&T web hosting, Hostgator, and more.

Free Web Hosting For Online Business

Online businesses have special features that they may consider when choosing web hosting services. Interestingly, there are free web hosting that offers favorable features for online business.

However, the disadvantage of the free web hosting service providers is that they offer limited features. Such limited features cannot be good enough for an online business.

For instance, some web hosting service providers might not give subdomains and email hosting features. Below are some free web hosting that you may consider for your online business;

  1. Googiehost
  2. Infinityfree
  3. Byethost
  4. FreeHostingNoAds
  5. FreeWebHostingArea

Best Web Hosting For Blogging

There are a million bloggers with their sites being hosted online. Bloggers also have different needs. And there are different web hosting service providers that they can use depending on the needs of their blogs.

Therefore, a serious blog that is online to make money will definitely consider web hosting services. Below are some web hosting services that are good for blogs;

  1. HostGator
  2. BlueHost
  3. SiteGround
  4. Hostinger
  5. NameCheap

Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

To have a successful affiliate marketing site, you must consider different options when choosing a web hosting service provider. Most importantly, affiliate marketing sites need to be reliable to make money. And sites that would be always inaccessible would be not good enough for the business.

Web Hosting For Developers - affiliate marketing

The price of the web hosting service also matters. With the affiliate marketing site, you are there to make money. Therefore, your web hosting service provider should not eat into the profits.

Besides these factors, there are various issues that you should consider when choosing the web hosting service provider for the affiliate marketing site.

For instance, things like SSL certificates, type of hosting, and more should be taken into consideration. Below are some of the best hosting service providers for affiliate marketing sites;

  1. Hostinger
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. Hostpapa
  4. Hostgator
  5. Bluehot

 Web Hosting For Developers

Web developers also consider various issues when choosing web hosting. For instance, some of the issues that they consider are the performance, resources, management of server, and more. As such, they are also choosy when it comes to choosing web hosting services. Below are some web hosting for developers to consider;

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. InMotion Hosting
  3. Hostinger
  4. Bluehost
  5. Cloudways

Final Thoughts

Web hosting for developers must meet the needs of the web developers. Therefore, from the above discussion, you can easily choose the web hosting service provider of your choice.

The list of some web hosting service providers gives the pricing and the features. Therefore, this makes it easy for web developers, businesses, bloggers, and others to choose web hosting service providers.

When choosing a web hosting for developers, you should consider various factors. And the performance of your website matters the most among other things. Therefore, you should choose wisely according to your business needs.

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