Understanding The Key Differences Between Loss Payee And Additional Insured Coverage

additional insured vs loss payee

Are you familiar with the primary distinctions that exist between loss payee and additional insured? It doesn’t matter what sector of the economy you operate in; sooner or later, your company will likely find itself in a position where it needs to collaborate with another company in order to realize one of its strategic objectives … Read more

The Differences On Additional Interest Vs Additional Insured For Auto Policy

Additional Interest vs Additional Insured

The world of enforcement is nothing more than straightforward with new rules, court decisions, and insurance modifications. When it comes to selecting goals in risk management, a subject stands out when holding a business covered by losses — additional insured approvals. In the following paragraphs, you will read more about additional interest vs additional insured. Get … Read more

Insurance Lingo 101: Understanding Additional Insured

Additional Insured

The world of insurance can get pretty complicated. Besides the terminology, there are all kinds of exceptions and rules that can leave you in the dust. Still, it is something crucial, especially for business owners. Proper insurance assures that both your business and bankroll stay protected when life happens. It also shows that you will … Read more