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In this website is highly dedicated to provide information on how to start a business online?, Name call as creating an onine business. how to be an online entrepreneur?, what are the best small business ideas and side business ideas? what are the niches and microniches? how to start a new blog post?, how to optimize it, blog writing concepts, long-tail keywords, Organic keywords etc.

Then, what is the SEO?,  how to rank your website in google, bing and yahoo search engines?. How to get more traffics for the site? Then how to earn money using their blogs.

That means the strategics, techniques, methods will provide to promote products and earn money for their best practices.

Little Bit About Me

Really, I got a BSc degree. I like more to doing a job in a computer field. Now working as a teacher in a computer field. Anyway, I’m online many times if I have not work on my teaching duty. This is because, I have an idea to learn about how to making money online from home?, what is the  best affiliate marketing programs? how to doing affiliate marketing programs for beginners?,  what is digital marketing and it is digital marketing strategy?, what is social media marketing? and what is social media marketing plan?, how to create a blog site? what are the different strategies used etc.

Addition to that,  I have experience about web designing, graphic designing, video editing and little about programming on PHP and Java.

Anyway, I have an idea to do a part-time job to earn extra money using the internet. This is because, I join this filed about 2010, but I did not meet real place or real community to support my online business. Ultimately, I met Wealthyaffiliate in 2018, now, I am very happy with working on the Wealthyaffiliate as making money online from home and doing as a part-time job without any impact on my full-time job.

To Helping People at Anytime

Of course, I like to help people in providing information regarding business. Because, business is the best money making source. I learn more about business field and I like to share with the community. It will more support me to get experience based on asking question any in this regards from the community.

I have experience on developing a website when I was teaching to the student, web design is one of my interesting topics. When I am posting that creative blog post, I lean more thing about online business as blogger. Especially, I should say, the Wealthyaffiliate also provides more support me to get such experience and knowledge.

And, I learned more about how to select a niche, microniche or profitable niches for my blog post. How to traffic my blog and social media sharing. During the past year, I understood, we have to learn more about online business, because, day by day, it is changed. There are a number of things should consider when doing online business. And, to succeed  all the things, there are many more strategies should we apply. This is because, I have learnd and have to learn and read more, joining workshops, watching video training are also few more important thing that we should consider.

Anyway, I like to do my best to help and provide complete information up to successful their onling busines.

The Goal Of The Creating An Online Business.

I really like to help people. And I know, this is not easy task, I have to do more things, I learned more things and I like to share the information, I collected. and share it for the people. Sometimes, I know a little bit when comparing others, anyway, we should lean more and more.

When consider the things, Today, I know more, But, tomorrow, Others will know more than me. This is because we should learn every day and every time. Then we can get knowledge. Knowledge is the universe, anyone can’t lean everything. But we can try it to best in every second.

Anyway, I like to  share knowledge and experience regarding online make money with the community.

If you ever need a my hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I am more happy to help you and like to share information.

Hey guys, I am just building a blog to shere information on how to start an online business  and I am wondering if you can give me some comments on how my blog posts are; I highly appreciate you.

All the best,



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